Graphing Some More Data and Bringing It All Together

Returning to the topic of Reagan’s 1980 presidential win, this week I practiced creating additional graphs and connecting them into a “story” with Tableau. Stories allow viewers to see visualizations and other elements, such as textual explanations and images, in a navigable, cohesive view. Because my work is connected to Tableau’s cloud, the graphs are interactive in this post. Compared to last week’s post where they were presented as static images, we can now hover over their different elements and see layers of information.

This story communicates the election results of the 1980 presidential general election in Alabama by county. It also shows the change in median household income by county, before and after Reagan’s presidency. You can navigate between the three views by clicking on the caption boxes at the top. I need to do more analysis connecting these threads and the campaign contribution data, but I focused on becoming more familiar with Tableau’s platform.

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