Jade Teel is currently a student at the The University of Alabama. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in December 2020. He has a double major in History and Religious Studies and minors in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Within history, Jade is particularly interested in the formation of the early republic and US constitutional history. Within the study of religion, Jade enjoys studying the political impacts of classification systems and rhetoric, religious identity formation, and the bible as literature. More than anything, he likes complicating “familiar” assumptions by asking, “What do you mean by [term]?”

As an undergraduate, Jade has earned multiple awards from the Departments of History and Religious Studies at UA. In history, he was awarded the Charles Grayson Summersell Memorial Scholarship Award (2020). In religious studies, he was named the Outstanding Student in the Academic Study of Religion (2020) and is a two-time Joseph Silverstein Endowed Scholar (2019, 2020).

Professionally, Jade has experience in IT support and audio-visual technology as the Audio-Visual Specialist at the UA Ferguson Student Center. He has also worked with Unum, a Fortune 500 company located in Chattanooga, TN, as a data analysis and IT intern. From these opportunities, Jade has realized that he is most passionate about working with a good team and forming relationships with people, while thinking critically about the world. His technical proficiencies complement his academic experience as he seeks to apply both skillsets toward a rewarding career blending project management, administration, and public history. You can locate his resume under the “About” tab.

On this website you will find Jade’s blog (a mix of personal, academic, and current events musings), along with portfolios of selected projects and past courses. The Digital Humanities page is a special project of its own under current development. It will showcase his work from the Digital Humanities class offered by Dr. Jeri Wieringa in the religious studies department at UA. For any inquiries, please see the “Contact” page.